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Go-Go Ginger Bombs

go-go ginger bombs

The yummiest Ginger Biscuits you will ever eat, they are soft, moist and raw. Packed full of goodness with the use of Cacao, Chai and Ginger these little balls of goodness are great on a cold day to warm you up, or a hot day....any time really is a good time for these little treats.

This is a special recipe its one my partner and I worked on together, we had heaps of Ginger in the fridge and we were having a big week and needed a little lift to get through the afternoon, Aaron went into the kitchen and 15 mins later he came out with this little yummy ball of goodness. I had to know what he put in them straight away; they were so good and kept us going well into the night. I have tweaked the recipe just slightly to get it right for everyone to try.

So if you like ginger biscuits or need a pick me up you really must give this one a go.


Ginger is very good for you; being a good source of vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, copper, manganese and zinc which can help to improve your blood flow, help prevent getting chills, fever and excessive sweating. It helps to improve the immune system, relaxes and soothes the intestinal tract. Which means it can settle an upset stomach, stop nausea, morning sickness, relieve vomiting, and ease gas and diarrhoea discomfort;
If you drink ginger tea it can help reduce osteoarthritis pain and joint inflammation, it also protects against several cancers, including ovarian, colorectal, lung and breast cancers.

So how about another Go-Go Ginger bomb!!



Make 30 balls

1 cup Dates

1 cup Sultanas

¾ cup Water hot or warm

1 cup of Raw Cashews nuts

½ cup of Raw Almonds

2 teasp Cinnamon

2 Tabsp Ginger raw and greater or roughly chopped

¼ cup Cacao powder

1 Tabsp Chai Seeds

1 cup Dry Coconut shredded f or Sesame seeds for rolling

1.Put Dates and Sultanas in a small bowl and pour over boiling hot water and leave for 20-30 mins to soak up the water and get them nice and soft.

*Tip if you wanted to keep this recipe totally raw just use warm water to soak the fruit in and leave it for at least 2 hours

2.To your blender add Nuts, Ginger, Cinnamon and Cacao, blend till a crunchy powder – about 2 minutes. When the fruit has been sitting for long enough to go soft add Fruit and Water to the blender and blend till a smooth paste - about 2 minutes.

3.Now add Chai seeds and blend just until it is all mixed in - about 20 seconds. Then spoon out the mix into a clean bowl and let it sit for 10 mins till the chai has made the mix a bit firmer.

4.This is quite a wet soft mix but it will get firmer if you put it in the fridge.
The trick to working with a soft mix is to keep your hands damp by running cold water over them and shaking of the excess water - now the mix won't stick to you so much.

5.Put the Coconut in a clean baking dish, then roll the mix into balls with your hand, a little bit at a time, toss them in the Coconut rolling them again in your hand to make sure the coconut sticks well buy modafinil online .

Now you are ready to serve

Enjoy and keep smiling, life is amazing! Love Kylie


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