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Super fudge

super fudge

Want a super quick and very tasty little piece of heaven that's good for you? And you don't even have to cook it. It's raw and dairy, sugar, and flour free.

I found this recipe in an amazing little Indian vegetarian cook book a few months back and was shocked to find I didn't have to modify it. (You could use different nut butters if you can't have peanuts) Since then I have made it quite a few times for friends' birthdays, at retreats and just for something yum for the cold day on the farm and it always goes down a treat - everyone just loves it and can't stop at just one peace....

My trick is to cut it small so it's just a taste, leaving you wanting more, and don't feel bad about having more it's so good for you and packed full of energy from the use of cacao power and seeds.


Did you know raw cacao powder helps release endorphins, which act as natural "happy" so it's a mood elevator and natural antidepressant; Just 2 tbsp. of cocoa contains 25 calories and 1.5 g of fat. It also provides you with 3.6 g of fibre, which is 14 percent of the daily intake, and 8 percent of the daily intake of iron and 14 percent of the daily intake of magnesium, Cacao has also been found to help regulate blood pressure and reduce cholesterol while building the immune system.

Raw powdered cacao is full natural antioxidants. Antioxidants protect the body from ageing and disease caused by free radicals.
Cacao has the highest antioxidant value of all the natural foods in the world."
So you can treat yourself to one more piece of fudge and feel great about it

This makes about 30 pieces.


12 Tabsp Honey
125g Peanut Butter
125g Cacao Powder
125g Sesame Seeds
125g Sunflower Seeds
60g Shredded Coconut
60g Dry Fruit chopped small like Dates or Sultanas

Pinch of shaved Coconut to server (optional)
1. Line a 30 cm baking dish or round cake tin with baking paper

2. in a medium size bowl mix Cacao, Sesame Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Coconut shredded and Dry Fruit

3. Put Honey and Peanut Butter in a medium size sauce pan on the stove on low heat this is only to warm and soften the Honey and Peanut butter and this also make it easier to work with

4. Mix the Seed mixer in to the pot with the Honey and Peanut butter and mix well, try and keep the pot on low heat this makes it easier to mix it all together

5. When all mixed together it will look brown and glossy turn the mix out on to the baking dish, smooth over and make the service flat, you can use your hands it's not hot and if the mix is sticking to you just wet your hand, the mix won't stick to damp hands, then put in the fridge in the fridge till set about 2 hours

6. Turn out the Fudge on to a clean cutting board take away the paper and cut in to bite size pieces, arrange on a nice serving plate and top with shaved Coconut.

Enjoy and keep smiling, life is amazing! Love Kylie


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