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Dad’s Crispy pan fried Brown Rice Cakes

brown rice cakes


 This is an amazing way to use up left over Brown rice. They are really nice eaten straight away when they are warm and all crispy - with a quick salad and soy sauce, or eaten cold for a lunch or picnic. It's a great substitute for bread or as a veggie patty at a BBQ.



Dad's Brown Rice Cakes are packed with all the goodness of Brow Rice and Vegetables and are high in protein from the Chickpea flour (Besan flour).
My dad showed me how to make these Rice Cakes in my late teens and I have been busy showing as mean people as I can since then. Dad said they are good hippy food, and I guess he ate them a lot when he was right in the middle of that scene.

The original recipe has been modified a little; by using 1 cup of chickpea flour and water - instead of 1 cup plan wheat flour and 1 egg. Both are good ways of making the Cakes and you get the same result in the end - a very tasty crispy little Rice Cake that you can't stop at just one....

There is a really nice mix of Brown Rice and Quinoa that you can buy now form the shops, I make my own by adding 1 cup of Brown Rice ¼ cup of Quinoa, a small hand full of sultanas and 3 cups of water in to a rice cooker.





Makes 8-10 rice cakes 

2 cups of cold cooked Brown Rice

1 cup of Besan flour (Chickpea flour)

1 Carrot cut into small dice

1 small white Onion or 2 leaves of Cabbage cut into dice

½ cup Water and more if needed

Salt and Pepper to taste

Oil for frying - I like to use Coconut oil

1 In a clean bowl mix together Cooked Rice, Flour, Vegetables, Salt and Pepper with a wooden spoon

2 Add a small amount of Water and mix well. If it needs more water keep adding small amounts and mixing till it all comes together and you can form patties with your hands.

3 Wet your hands slightly this helps to stop the mix sticking to your hands so much, now form patties with your hands and place them on a plate, ready to be cooked keep making patties till you have finished the mix, you can make this in advance, keeping it in the fridge till you are ready to cook or even over night.

4 Put a non-stick pan on high heat, add a small amount of Oil, when it's hot add up to 4 cakes at a time, turning the heat to medium. When it's golden on one side its ready to turn over, about 2/3 minutes each side and it should be cooked. Keep warm till you are ready to eat - I can never wait I always have to taste one when I'm cooking them!

Serve with Soy Sauce and a nice big salad! Thanks Dad.

Enjoy and keep smiling, life is amazing! Love Kylie



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