Loving Wholesome Feasts

About Kylie

My name is Kylie Doughty

I'm 30 years of age on paper but forever young in my heart...
I have been travelling and eating my way around Australia and the world for the last 9 years
Travel and food is my life. I travel to eat and live to travel.

kylie-vietnamI have been into food since I was a small girl; I just loved to eat, and eat and eat...'hollow legs' they called me. So as you can imagine it was natural for me to finish school early and jump straight into a kitchen and follow my passion for food!

My apprenticeship as a chef started when I was sixteen; working in a small café in my home town in the Blue Mountains West of Sydney. My real experience came when I moved to Sydney. There I had the opportunity to work with some of the best chefs and Restaurants in the City, including Hugo's in Kings Cross and Otto in Woolloomooloo. It was an amazing time in my life, not only honing my trade, but also for just being young in a big city- eating at the best restaurants, partying and enjoying life!

When I was 19 I had the opportunity to travel to Thailand for 2weeks, and wow did that blow my mind! To learn that there was this huge world out there waiting to be tasted – it wet my appetite for travel and adventure. The exotic foods were so fresh and different I was hooked, and I wanted more! I returned home and saved as much money as I could, then just a few months before turning twenty one I was off; with no plans or ticket to come back...


My travels have taken me from across Australia's red centre, to over 50 other countries around the globe. They gave me experiences that will last a lifetime... and it's not over yet! I have backpacked South America, hitch-hiked around Europe, lived with local families and Wildlife in Africa, froze in Siberia, bathed in the Nile and ate my way around the crazy foods of Asia.

My belief is to do and eat like the locals; this taught me about their foods, culture and way of life. I have been living as a full time volunteer; working on small farms, at retreat centres, in family homes and at spiritual communities around the world; experiencing as many alternative lifestyles as possible, expanding my reality, and taking only the good out of every experience.

I am grateful of my reality - living on a small farm, in nature, growing food and creating my blog. I also get to stay in the city with friends, where we cook, laugh and play ukulele together. There is magic when good food, music and good friends get together. Most weekends I take the food from our farm and cook healthy feasts at a Yoga Retreat on the Coast. Daily yoga, walks on the beach, eating and inspiring – very rewarding, what more could I ask for?


My idea of good food has changed over the years. I believe that WE ARE WHAT WE EAT so I like to be as healthy as I can. By avoiding sugar, wheat flour, dairy, meat and seafood, I feel the happiest and healthiest I have ever been in my life. To stay fresh and connected I add one raw component to every meal, like fresh fruit in-season, an exotic herb, or a wild weed just to keep a natural element to balance my mind and body.
These days I really enjoy pushing the limits of what is edible by learning all about the so called "weeds" that are in every garden. These 'Wild Vegies' were once commonly used, and most were introduced as food or fodder plants. Not many people know how good for you and tasty they actually are; and at the end of the day they are FREE, and they truly are SUPERFOODS.


Food has always been a way of life and if I can inspire just one person a week to try something new, and form a new healthy habit - I feel so lucky and so blessed!

Thank you for having an interest in my journey, I hope you get as much inspiration buy soma online , ideas and recipes from my blog as you can, and THANK YOU for being part of my life forever.

Enjoy keep smiling, life is amazing love Kylie.